Midterm - Phil 005 Midterm Short Answer 1 Ostranenie was a...

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Phil 005 Midterm Short Answer 1. Ostranenie was a term important to Bertolt Brecht. It means “making strange.” He took the Formalist concept of “defamiliarization” remade it as “verfremdungseffekt,” or distanciation, in which the work of art would reveal its own processes of production simultaneously with society. This was predicted by the Formalist project of ostrenanie. 2. Georges Duhamel believed that cinema was the “slaughter house of culture, and movie theaters were ‘Gargantuan maws’ where hypnotized pilgrims, corralled into long lines, went ‘like lambs to the slaughter.’” He did not think that cinema was an art and that it was not progressive. 3. Hugo Munsterberg distinguishes “inner” and “outer” cinematic developments by saying that the “inner” refers to aesthetic principles and that “outer” refers to the evolution from pre-cinematic devices. 4. Rudolf Arnheim though that having sound in films aborted the progress of film art, and that it detracts from visual beauty. He thought that with sound, the visual picture becomes “three-dimensional and tangible.” 5. The theorist that the “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” foreshadowed Nazism was Siegfried Kracauer. The morbid teleology discerned is what was so ominous about this film 6. Guy Debord; he believed that modern society “displays itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles.” 7. Some general characteristics of auteur theory are the valorization of cinema forms not taken seriously, finding a coherent style in a range of films by a single director, and demand for authenticity. Plots are usually hard to follow, and the
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Midterm - Phil 005 Midterm Short Answer 1 Ostranenie was a...

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