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Review Exam II 2007 - Review Exam II State and Local...

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Review Exam II State and Local 207-510 Fall 07 1. What is a political action committee and what is its function? An organizational device used by corporations, labor unions, and other organizations to raise money for campaign contributions. 2. Examples of the different kinds of interest groups. Texas Farm Bureau - Economic State medical association, TX Trial Lawyers, TX Medical Association - professional org. interest group MADD (Mothers against drunk driving) - Public 3. Are labor unions powerful in TX? Why or why not? 4. What are the reasons why interest groups are powerful in TX? Think about them in comparison with political parties, the affect of political culture, and regulation 5. What are the limits on PAC contributions in the state of TX? No Limits, however PAC’s money weakens political parties 6. What are the different kinds of techniques interest groups can use? Direct lobbying, indirect lobbying, electioneering, etc. 7. How does party competition affect the power of interest groups? Think about it in terms of the number of parties. If there is a one party dominant party system are interest groups more or less powerful? 8. How organized are political parties in TX? Are their organizations separate from the national party organization? 9.
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Review Exam II 2007 - Review Exam II State and Local...

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