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comm150week2 - moving forward causing the person working...

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Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern times hits on a time of desperate employment and bad conditions that most people were facing during the Great Depression. Chaplin believed that most if not ALL of these problems had to do with the growing efficiencies of modern industrialization. This scene displays a “force”-feeding feeding machine brought in to a factory run by assembly lines. The mechanized voice is there to really hit on the fact that the country was being run more and more on machines causing people to lose jobs or work in unacceptable conditions. The world was
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Unformatted text preview: moving forward causing the person working during this time to learn something that was completely foreign to them. Chaplin used the mechanized voice especially to prove that the country was pushing more and more of machine work rather than work that came from a person’s true abilities and hard work. Chaplin was against this progression and “Modern Times” was used to demonstrate this. This particular scene is a great example of Chaplin’s work and political beliefs at the time....
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