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Project 3 Guidelines - If you find this is not happening...

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Stat 200 Project 3 Due Date: February 15, 2008 by 5pm Possible Points: 50 George Polya As we do inference, we are following steps to come up with a solution. The mathematician George Polya published a book called How To Solve It in which he outlined the proper sequence of steps to solve any problem. Briefly tell me about these steps, how they relate to the process we use in hypothesis tests, and relate another area in which the process applies (show the application of the steps). This can be either an individual project or a group project for up to four people within the same section. Each group member must contribute equally to the project.
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Unformatted text preview: If you find this is not happening, contact me as soon as possible. All group members must sign as an indication that they agree each contributed equally as outlined in the first project. Label the top left of your project with your names, signatures, Accecss ID#s, section and “Project 3”. This project must be typed. Please include source documentation as footnotes or at the end of your project (if you want to quote directly from your sources, use proper notation, ie. “in quotes”). No certain length is required, but 1-2 pages should be sufficient....
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