Griggs v. Duke Power Co.

Griggs v. Duke Power Co. - Power claiming that the policies...

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LIR201 Study Sheet for Cases Case Name Griggs V. Duke Power Co. (1971) Issue Whether a company can institute policies regarding educational standards and intelligence as a requirement to be hired or in order to transfer to another department. Facts/Description The day Title XII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became effective Duke Power Co. instituted a policy that required new hires to have a high school diploma and passing scores on two general intelligence test in order to be placed in any department other than Labor (the only department blacks were allowed to work in before the CRA of 1964) and a high school diploma was required to transfer to other departments from Labor. Black employees sued Duke
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Unformatted text preview: Power claiming that the policies following the CRA were not job related but were meant to disqualify blacks from employment or transfer at a higher rate than whites. The policies instituted by Duke Power Co., following the CRA did not apply to white employees, and when they policies were instituted white employees already in other departments were grandfathered in. Decision The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the policies of Duke Power Co. had a disproportionate impact on groups protected by Title XII REVERSED Impact/Relevance Any test used to must measure the person for the job, and not the person in abstract. If such tests are to be used, they have to be shown to be job related....
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