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comm150week3 - appearance of Mr Smith the other members of...

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The Populists believe in the natural equality of men. They believe that no matter who they are they are equal with the person standing next to them. The Populists view stresses that the individual should go up against those in an organization. The biggest view of Populists is really stressed in this clip “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is that the problems with democracy are caused by those who are privileged or have influence because of money or social and political power. Mr. Smith is an ordinary many that takes a not so ordinary job, and he tries to make a bill that would be beneficial to the everyday man. The other members of the Senate however are all merely puppets working for other people, in the scene its Mr. Taylor, who have money and power over them. The ideas of the Populist view are conveyed visually through the physical
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Unformatted text preview: appearance of Mr. Smith, the other members of the Senate, and Mr. Taylor. Mr. Smith in this scene begins to look weary and beaten up while speaking how boys become real men. The other members of Senate and Mr. Taylor are all dressed nicely and are too busy reading their papers or trying to destroy the reputation of the common man, Mr. Smith. Also, in the opening scene Mr. Taylor has people waiting on his hand and foot while he tries to single handedly destroy Mr. Smith’s hopes to one day have a world where corruption no longer exists, but rather a state where every man is there to become the best they can be and lend a hand to the man standing next to him....
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