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Lab #2 “Transfer Characteristics and Transfer Functions” Lab Date: January 30 th 2008. Report Date: February 2 nd 2008. EE 230 Lab #2 Kyle Veugeler #345 Section: C Abstract: The purpose of Lab #2 was to review our EE 201 knowledge of transfer functions within a circuit. Here the class was able to calculate the newly introduced 3dB bandwidth and it’s effect on the circuit’s Bode Plot. o Part 1: Determining the DC Transfer Characteristics o Part 2: Finding the T(s) – Transfer Function o Part 3: Measuring the 3dB Bandwidth o Part 4: Determining the Steady State Response of an RC Network The Lab Itself The actual lab itself took longer than I had thought. We began by calculating the DC transfer voltages of the given circuit. From there we were to calculate the transfer function for that particular circuit. Also, we looked at the 3dB frequency and bandwidth on a Bode Plot of a particular circuit both in Signal Express and MATLAB
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Unformatted text preview: . Lastly, we were to determine the output voltage response in a RC circuit, then compare our answers to that of our analytical answers. Lab Work, Plotting Data, and Arithmetic ** See all attached pages for mathematical solutions to transfer functions and 3dB bandwidths. Also, all work needed to solve the questions regarding linearity of a circuit. ** NOTE: Part #1 is written next to Part #2 on first page. Part #1 is measured values only. Conclusion In conclusion, this lab was intended to review our knowledge of transfer functions and Bode Plots. I feel as if this lab was a good review of the material along with the addition of the 3dB bandwidth and Bode Plot topics. Things to Work On I feel as if we need more experience with Signal Express. I could not get some of the programs to work at first, but I feel as if given more time I should be able to use this program with relative ease....
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