EE 230 Lab3

EE 230 Lab3 - Lab #3 "Fundamental Linear Circuit Concepts"...

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Lab #3 “Fundamental Linear Circuit Concepts” Lab Date: February 6 th 2008. Report Date: February 10 nd 2008. EE 230 Lab #3 Kyle Veugeler #345 Section: C Abstract: The purpose of Lab #3 was to summarize the many effects seen by particular filters. In this lab we observed high, low, and bandwidth filters. Then we were to build our own varying low pass filter to act as a treble reducer. o Part 1: Solve the Mystery Circuits o Part 2: Analyze An Audio Signal o Part 3: Design A Treble Control The Lab Itself The actual lab itself took longer than I had thought. We began by solving for the transfer functions of the three unknown possible filters. Once we had found each transfer function we were able to determine their filter characteristics by their corresponding Bode Plots. From there we were to determine the exact resistance and capacitances in the given circuits. Then we hooked up a speaker and analyzed the many attributes of sine vs. square wave sounds. Lastly, we were to use our knowledge gained in Part A to create a
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EE 230 Lab3 - Lab #3 "Fundamental Linear Circuit Concepts"...

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