EE 230 Lab6

EE 230 Lab6 - Lab #6 "Operational Amplifier Applications...

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Lab #6 “Operational Amplifier Applications and Limitations” Lab Date: February 26 th 2008. Report Date: March 4 th 2008. EE 230 Lab #6 Kyle Veugeler #345 Section: C Abstract: The purpose of Lab #6 was to observe the many behaviors of an operational amplifier, and the limitations we as engineers have in regards to using them effectively. Also, we were introduced to the two signal mixer at the end of this lab. The following topics are included within Lab #6 o Part 1: Observing the Non-Idealities of a u741 Op Amp o Part 2: Comparing Bandwidths of Two Inverting Amplifiers o Part 3: Designing an Integrator o Part 4: Designing an Audio Mixer The Lab Itself The actual lab itself took longer than I had thought. We began by observing the many attributes the op amp was showing when we manipulated either the input voltage, the load resistor value, and the frequency. After this, we were to compare the bandwidths of two different amplifiers which had two separate gain values. We were to observe the
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EE 230 Lab6 - Lab #6 "Operational Amplifier Applications...

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