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In the scene from Meleis Voyage dans la lune the director’s choices in mise-en scene helps drive the narrative because like all videos a scene needs a setting, costuming, lighting, props, makeup, and arranging the characters in the scene. A mise-en-scene is very important when a person is trying to convey the meaning of a story or a scene. Meleis choice of mise-en-scene brings us back to the old times of silent movies. The girls used in the clip are dressed in showgirl outfits and compared to today’s lighting and props it is very old-fashioned. This entire movie clip is clearly from a time of cinema where people first began to experiment with film and different aspects of film.
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Unformatted text preview: Meleis uses the full length of actors known as long shot that helps us to see everything that is going on in the scene. Montage is also very important in relation to film because it is the ordering of images and sequences through editing of a film. Meleis choice of montage is in a narrative sequence. There is a beginning middle and end to this video clip. The editing of this video is only used between the scenes and not in the middle of scenes. There is a clear progression of time throughout this clip. There are no special affects of flashbacks or foreshadowing clips. The montage used in this clip is very straightforward and presents us with a clear narrative....
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