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Paper 2 iPhone Final - Ashley Maier WRA 110 Paper 2 Final...

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Ashley Maier WRA 110 Paper 2 Final Draft 10/22/07 iPhone Buzz: Is it a success? There has been a cluster of excitement over the iPhone since its announcement in January at Apple’s annual MacWorld conference and its release in late June. People are still continuing to buzz over this new addition to the Apple collection! This multi- function device is a combination of both a cell phone and an iPod allowing you to store music from your iTunes library on your iPhone. It also allows you to text message, surf the web, take pictures, send and receive e-mail, and watch video. I pose one question: Has the iPhone lived up to its expectations? I say yes. The iPhone is honestly the most beautifully aesthetic phone I have ever seen. Apple pays phenomenal attention to detail. Its curves and geometry make it comfortable to hold and fits well in your hand no matter which way you hold it. Its slim contour also allows you to slip it into something small with little to no effort at all. The iPhone features the most attractive frame of any similar device. The 3.5-inch display is extremely bright and runs at 320x480, making it one of the highest pixel- density devices around today. Its touch screen was specifically created for use with a finger, meaning you must touch it with your bare finger to do almost anything. Yes, the glass face is an absolute finger magnet and picks up more smudges than any other touch screen device, but you have to give the iPhone some credit on the fact that it’s the only smartphone where no stylus is needed.
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One of the more unique features the iPhone possesses is its set of sensors (orientation, light, and proximity). The orientation sensor allows you to jump from
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Paper 2 iPhone Final - Ashley Maier WRA 110 Paper 2 Final...

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