Hide to Cover the - Hide to Cover the World The quote from Santideva's The Bodhicaryavatara which draws Khyentse Norbu's masterpiece The Cup to a

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Hide to Cover the World The quote from Santideva’s The Bodhicaryavatara which draws Khyentse Norbu’s masterpiece The Cup to a close accomplishes a lot. While Santideva’s original words leave something to be desired in terms of clarity of meaning, Norbu’s inclusion of them has a very clear meaning. However, the purpose of their inclusion is not clear cinematographically, since the quote both furthers and hurts the overarching goal of his film. The ultimate goal of The Cup is to change people’s minds about Buddhism and Buddhists. Its matter-of-fact depiction of all kinds of breaches of monastic behavior drops a lot of western jaws. From playing soccer to extorting money from each other in order to buy a television, the behavior of the monks in The Cup runs in many ways directly counter to the rules found in the Vinayas. From this one might conclude that the purpose of the film is to tell westerners that Buddhism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that modern practice has become corrupted and no longer holds true to the Buddha’s
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