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Portfolio rubric

Portfolio rubric - etc… You can usually find this...

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Portfolio rubric For your portfolio assignment, there needs to be five portfolios of five different engineers in Civil-related fields. You may choose from structural, transportation, geotechnical, or any others as long as they are in the CE field. These should be at least 1 page each in a Word document or compatible format including the following information: -The university they graduated from and their respective degrees (ie: CE, Masters in ____, PhD in____ etc…) -Their current job description including, if you can find it, some details of that job -Notable works they have built/created/aided in. These may include disaster relief, overseas assistance, big stuff, little stuff…whatever you find particularly important. Aim for at least three examples of these significant projects for each person. -Any and all awards they have received during their careers -Background information. This can include birth/death dates, birthplace, information on their family (father and mother, kids, etc…), hobbies as kids and adults,
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Unformatted text preview: etc… You can usually find this information without too much trouble, but make a note on your paper if for some reason you could not find any. If you choose to use pictures (and I encourage it), at least half of the 1-page requirement should be single-spaced text. If you choose to double-space, you’d need a whole page of text and so on and so forth. Please don’t include company logos as pictures since they just use up space. You may include a picture of the person but please don’t make it larger than 1.5” tall on the page since it takes up writing room. The following are the criterion I will use to grade your portfolios: ____ 5 portfolios present ____ Spelling/Grammar ( 5 pts.) ____ Information Sources (please avoid Wikipedia if you can) ( 5 pts) ____ All aforementioned information is present ( 15 pts. Each x 5 portfolios = 75 pts ) ____ 1-2 pages (at least ½ page of single-spaced text) ( 5 pts.) =____ Total (out of 90 )...
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Portfolio rubric - etc… You can usually find this...

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