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Answers to practice test 03 Problem 1 a) 2.3e-10 m b) 28 N/m Problem 2 <25, -30, 0> m; <0, -19.6, 0>N 588 J Problem 3 a) 1.53 s b) 11.5 m c) neglect air resistance Problem 4 a) 8.1e-14 J b) 3.45e-13 J c)2.64 e-13 J Problem 5 4.3e3 m/s
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 6 a) K is the curve with positive energy values; U is the curve with negative energy values b) 2 c) Draw a horizontal line that will add up to K+U Problem 7 (a) 6.72e5 J (b) 6.42e5 J (c) – 6.72e5 J (d) 2140 Watts...
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