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PRACTICE TEST, EXAM 1 1. Psychology is defined as: a. The study of people with mental and physical disorders b. The study of people and animals with disabilities c. The study of behavior and mental processes 2. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, the vast majority of people go into applied clinical psychological setting for their jobs. a. True b. False 3. What do Industrial/Organizational psychologists do? a. Screen individuals to see if they are suitable for the job they are interested in b. They work in a business organization or company setting c. Give surveys to assess job satisfaction d. Both A and B e. A, B, and C 4. Psychologists who have a Ph.D., and this is their only degree, are licensed to prescribe drugs to their patients in all 50 states a. True b. False 5. Which type of professional had to go to medical school as part of their training? a. Sociologists b. Clinical Psychologists (Ph.D.’s) c. Counseling Psychologists (Ph.D.’s) d. Psychiatrists e. Licensed Clinical Social Workers 6. If I am a psychologist who is very curious about the functioning of people’s amygdalas in the dark, and I conduct this research to satisfy my curiosity, I am doing: a. Basic psychology b. Applied psychology c. Clinical psychology 7. Aristotle believed that we a. Are born with all of the knowledge we are going to have b. Are curious by nature, but need stimulation to gain knowledge
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For questions 8-11, choose the correct answer from the choices on the right (matching) 8. 1 st psychologist with 1 st psych. Lab a. William James 9. 1 st African American published in APA journal b. Max Wertheimer 10. Emphasized functionalism c. Wilhelm Wundt 11. Gestalt Psychology d. J. Henry Alston 12. Which psychological perspective focuses solely on observable behaviors? a. Behaviorist b. Humanistic c. Psychoanalytic d. Evolutionary 13. Freud would have endorsed which psychological perspective? a.
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practice_test_exam_1 - PRACTICE TEST EXAM 1 1 Psychology is...

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