Microsoft PowerPoint - Soul, Civil Rights & James Brown

Uh ho i dont care about your wants i just wanna ha

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Unformatted text preview: When you mess me Hold my hand Make me understand I break out - in a cold sweat Ho! Uh! Ho! I don't care about your wants I just wanna ha! tell ya about the does and don'ts I don't care about the way you treat me darlin' ha! I just want huh! to understand me honey Oh Oh When you kiss me And ya miss me You hold me tight Make everything all right I break out - in a cold sweat heh! Mercy on me C'mon now Brother put it, put it where it's at now Aww Let him have it Connections to Civil Rights Content (music & lyrics) developed with Civil Rights "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)" Addresses prejudice & black empowerment Call & response form "Say It Loud (I'm Black & I'm Proud) James Brown Some people say we've got a lot of malice Some say it's a lot of nerve it' But I say we won't quit moving until we get what we deserve We have been bucked and we have been scorned We have been treated bad, talked about as just bones But just as it takes two eyes to make a pair, ha Brother we can'...
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