Rhetorical Analysis - Mrs. Polizzi English 015- Section 28...

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Mrs. Polizzi English 015- Section 28 Final Draft Rhetorical Analysis The editorial written by Chris Mueller on February 19, 2007 addresses the issue of distorted perception among Greeks involved in THON, a charity event for childhood cancer. It was published a day after the forty-eight hour marathon came to an end. His main audience in the editorial is boastful Greek organizations who take part in THON. Through this article, the writer attempts to encourage individuals participating in THON to take a more selfless stance and not use the event as a display of pride. The tone throughout the editorial is disappointment and shame toward Greeks who use THON as an opportunity to exhibit pride and self- accomplishment. These individuals, as the writer explains, have forgotten the true meaning of this amazing event. The writer begins the article with a solid establishment of common ground to his audience. He takes a non-threatening approach and clarifies his appreciation for THON and all the hard work of the volunteers. He seems to be a credible source, because he is a fellow student and is amidst all of the hysteria associated with THON. One minor flaw that is evident in the writing is a source from which he gathers his argument. The writer partially uses away messages
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Rhetorical Analysis - Mrs. Polizzi English 015- Section 28...

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