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Process Analysis - Mrs Polizzi English 15 Process Analysis...

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Mrs. Polizzi English 15 Process Analysis Achieving a Proper Jump Shot The jump shot is tool fundamental to mastering the game of basketball. Basically, a jump shot is an attempt to score a basket (in basketball) by jumping and propelling the ball from one’s hands in an arc toward the basket. For the most part, this type of shot is used when a basketball player is a distance from the hoop. Because of this fact, younger basketball players, who have not yet developed much strength, often defer practicing the jump shot. As a result, many of these athletes never develop correct form and impair their chances of further pursuing this extremely competitive sport. As a basketball player in grade school, I encountered this problem. Fortunately, through the advice of my coach, I was able to learn an effective way of performing a jump shot, which helped allow me to play on my high school’s team. Of course, there are many ways to achieve this shot, but since this particular process was successful for me, I can assure that it is a reliable method to either begin a future in basketball or even adjust a weakness in a recreational basketball player’s game. The first and most important step of this jump shot is to align oneself with the basket. If you cannot see where you are going to shoot the ball, the shot will be rather challenging. In order to assure proper alignment, you should keep you feet apart at a comfortable distance and face the basket with your shoulders lined up with the basket. In middle school, my friend Chris
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Process Analysis - Mrs Polizzi English 15 Process Analysis...

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