Puddlejumperproject - Aerospace 097s Puddle-Jumper Project...

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Aerospace 097s Puddle-Jumper Project April 2, 2007 Summary Baseline- I felt that the original design of the puddle jumper was fairly efficient. I thought that the weight distribution was sufficient and that the only minor flaw might be undersized rotors. One observation I did notice was that the jumper tended to tilt backward toward the end of the flight and sometimes even fly backward. I contributed this examination to the shaft, which seemed a bit too long for the rotor blades. The shaft continued to carry a large amount of forward momentum at the end of the flight, while the jumper was positioned vertically. This momentum caused the rotor to tilt during several test, thus causing the blades to face backward, which in turn also cause the jumper to fly backward. Modified Jumper- Because of the fact that I felt the baseline jumper was efficient, I decided to try and keep a similar design. My main goal was to basically make the rotors a bit larger. The two modifications I made to the puddle jumper included an extension of the rotor
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Puddlejumperproject - Aerospace 097s Puddle-Jumper Project...

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