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Definition Essay - Mrs. Polizzi Definition Essay April 11,...

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Mrs. Polizzi Definition Essay April 11, 2007 The HUB As I entered the front door of the magnificent structure known as the HUB, the serene outdoors turned into a bustling lobby full of strangers. Each one was about their business: reading, writing, talking, or even sleeping. Although I was not yet sure where I was headed, I continued to walk along the pathway because of the traffic of people. Eventually, I noticed a large television in the lobby. Some watched the television, but many were too busy with their own business to bother. Then, at once, I stopped. It is then when I noticed the diversity of the population in the splendid building. There were several languages being spoken, all in uniform, creating an almost buzzing sound. I then decided to walk down the thunderous stairs, full of students, to see the ground level. When I stepped off the final stair, I felt a sense of community. Even though I was alone, I felt as though I was part of a whole. The ground level was full of students laughing, eating, and just simply having a good time. Amazingly, it seemed as if all of these students were foreign to Penn State; they seemed different than our “normal,” everyday student at Penn State. This experience came about two weeks ago, when I paid a visit to the HUB. As a freshman at Penn State, I reside in East Halls, which is quite a distance from this building. Consequently, I have not spent much time there, which caused me to be very observant during
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Definition Essay - Mrs. Polizzi Definition Essay April 11,...

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