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ADMJ Review Notes: Criminal Justice – the management of the criminal justice system, including the study of police, courts, and corrections in addition to criminology Criminology – the study of the causes of crime and the treatment of offenders. C.O.P.S. – 1994 Community Oriented Policing Strategy - hire 100,00 police officers o only hire 60,000 - never increased – fraud everywhere LEAA Law Enforcement Assistance Administration - 1960’s – Govt. funds police officers to get an education - get college degrees and leave Amsterdam - capital of marijuana, prostitution and child trafficking - red-light district – prostitution areas - Separation of Markets o Soft drugs – hard drugs / decriminalized – very strict Drugs - Cocaine – coca – grown in Columbia - Heroin – opium – grown in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran o These 3 are known as the Golden Crescent o Drug money funds terrorism o 2001, Taliban takes over and ends opium trade; only took 2 years Just killed everyone o Northern Alliance takes over w/ US help, opium trafficking sky rockets Vietnam - Laotian army – Vang Pao – large drug dealer o We enlist the drug army - SE Asia – Burma, Thailand, Laop – original opium leaders o Called the Golden Triangle
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Criminal Justice – 1960’s Study of Fear more important than crime rates - Bernard Getts – shoots up a subway train o The fear of crime drives people out of control - Most victimized group o Males: 18 – 24 o Why? Because they put themselves in danger - Fear of crime drives policy - Durkheim – considered crime normal and to be expected Mala in Se - Crimes that are evil in themselves o Murder, rape Mala Prohibita - Crimes prohibited by law o Spitting on sidewalk, downloading music
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ADMJ Review Test 1 - ADMJ Review Notes: Criminal Justice...

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