Descartes - inevitably is proof of our existence, I think,...

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John Granese Journal Entry #2 Descartes Descartes begins this essay by discussing the idea of thought. He argues that things we are taught as children are based upon trust, and we use what we are taught to form who we are. To think correctly and properly, Descartes says that we must be skeptical of what we were taught when we could not think for ourselves, and that we should open our minds to new ways of thinking that we may have previously disregarded. Also mentioned is the “four precepts,” a method of thinking devised by Descartes. This model is devised to help you take in information that is completely true and help you block out things that may be false. Descartes also challenges his own reason with his four precepts system. He cannot doubt that someone or something has to be there to do the doubting, which
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Unformatted text preview: inevitably is proof of our existence, I think, therefore I am. Also, he challenges reason, but without reason his process of thinking would be void, so assuming reason and his existence are both fact, then God must exist. Descartes was definitely a man ahead of his time. It truly is amazing how someone could think on such a deep level and have the courage to be skeptical of all the things that he thought he knew to be fact. Reading this passage was difficult, but it has left me with a new perspective. I have now started to challenge things that I had previously regarded as fact. Also, I have realized that my way of thinking has been a direct result of my upbringing, which has led me to be skeptical of some of the things that I believe in....
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