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John Granese Journal Entry #1 Equiano Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped as a young man, along with his sister, by two men and a woman who kidnap children to sell into slavery. Equiano’s village was far from the coast and was for the most part a primitive community. Upon being kidnapped, Equiano and his sister were separated, never to see each other again. Equiano was kept under the decks along with the others after he had been placed on a boat. The journey was horrifying and cruel, and it was almost impossible to breathe. Constantly he wished death rather than his current conditions, and the fear of what he would still have to undergo. One day, two men who had been near him at the time had managed to slip through the netting and cast themselves into the ocean, along with a third slave. Two drowned, but
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Unformatted text preview: the third man was captured and was punished severely. Once they approached the island of Barbados, the slaves were then presented to the buyers. In the end, a group of brothers were sold into different lots, and at parting all pled to not be separated from each other, all of which fell upon deaf ears. Equiano describes his culture and his life previous to his imprisonment into slavery. Also, he describes in great detail his voyage at sea and the grueling conditions under which he and other slaves endured. His description of the horrors in which he lived through forced people to realize what was happening and just how inhumane the slave trading system worked. Also, Equiano forces the reader to imagine how it must feel to lose your siblings, friends, and even your culture....
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