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J Grant Woodward Introduction to American Politics Section A08 20 October 2007 On October 3, 2007 several hundred people gathered in the 2 nd floor of the University of Iowa Memorial Union Ballroom in Iowa City, Iowa, to hear Barack Obama speak; I was one of those in attendance. In giving his speech Barack emphasized his diverse background, forethought, and distinguished knowledge in an effort to appeal to the people in attendance and Americans in general; by doing so, he separated himself from the other presidential candidates, both Democrat and Republican. Since declaring to run for president several months ago, Obama has been campaigning at sites across the United States; Barack could have chosen to stop anywhere on October 3, but he strategically chose to make his stop in Iowa City, Iowa, at the University of Iowa for several reasons. First, Iowa is the “first in the nation” of the caucus and primary states, which makes it a critical state for candidates to campaign in. Stuart Gorin, USINFO Special Correspondent said, “State primary elections and caucuses held early in the race to determine the Republican and Democratic candidates for president of the United
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States give an indication of how candidates will do throughout the campaign season.” Another key reason for campaigning here was the fact that Iowa City, located in Johnson County, has one of the state’s highest liberal populations. According to the Johnson County Auditor’s office, the Democratic candidate for President has taken every election since 1964. Also, according to http://uselectionatlas.org , John Kerry won the Johnson county vote by a 30 percent margin. A final reason that Obama, who has an African-American heritage, would choose to make a campaign stop in Johnson County is that it has a greater African-American population than the state average. The atmosphere for Obama’s speech was fairly casual and
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Obama_10.13.2007FINALDRAFT - J Grant Woodward Introduction...

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