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Accounting Research Paper on Apple - Jason Sigal Accounting...

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Jason Sigal Accounting 42 – Terlouw Research Paper 3-7-07 Over the years, Apple, Inc. has grown to be a very large, successful company. Started in April of 1971, by Steve Wozniak and current CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has always been a competitive company in the computer market. While it was first started in a garage, their corporate headquarters are now located in Cupertino, California. While the primary products sold were computers and one point, that’s not so much the case anymore. In fact, in January 2007, Apple changed the company’s name from Apple Computers, Inc. to simply Apple, Inc. While they still hold a large market share of the computer industry to date, they also manufacture and sell many other products as well. In addition to computers, Apple has over the years made many, many other products. Currently, the company has three different models of desktop computers, known as the Mac Mini, iMac, and the Mac Pro. In portable computers, they produce the Mac Book and Mac Book Pro. Of course they know produce much more then computers. Apple has its own operating system, known as OS X, and the world wide known iPod. Lastly, Apple makes many different computer and iPod accessories, software, servers, mice/keyboards, the new Apple TV, and other new products coming out in the near future. Walk into one of over 300 retail stores across the world, and you can visit a “Genius Bar”, where specially trained employees can help and offer support to customers. If they can’t help, they can send products into Apple’s mail in-support center, known as Apple Care. In July, the highly anticipated iPhone will be released, bring Apple into the cell phone marketplace as well. Over the past 30 years, Apple has
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introduced many great new products, and it is sure that many great new products will be released in the years to come. The stock of Apple, Inc. seems to be good stock to invest in. The current cost per share runs around $88. Yet in the past fifty-two weeks, it reached a high of $97.80. This peek occurred in January of this year, right during Macworld Expo, a show with hundreds of Apple product vendors show off all their new products for the Apple industry. Furthermore, Apple always announces many of its new products during this time, which
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Accounting Research Paper on Apple - Jason Sigal Accounting...

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