Psyc Notes for 4-3-07

Psyc Notes for 4-3-07 - Psychology Notes for 15:03:00 ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Notes for 4-3-07 03/04/2007 15:03:00 ← Extra Credit Topic (approved by Mr. Hall today): Sleeping Disorders ← EXAM NEXT TUESDAY – BEGIN STUDYING TODAY! ← Modules 37-40 – Emotion, Stress & Illness ← ← Emotions • Emotions cause organisms to respond in three main ways: o Physiological arousal Stomach flipping when get suddenly stressed o Expressive behaviors Punching walls, etc o Conscious experience Determining what it actually means • Theories of Emotion o Does your head pound because you are afraid or are you afraid because you feel your heart pounding o Main theories of emotion James-Lange Theory Experience of emotion follows awareness of physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli Sight of oncoming car Cannon-Bard Theory Emotion-arousing stimulus simultaneously trigger: Physiological responses and experience of emotion Schacter’s Two-Facto Theory To experience emotion you must: • First be physically aroused • Cognitively label the arousal • Cognition & Emotion o The brain’s shortcut for emotions (image in textbook) o Two routes to emotions (image in textbook) • Emotion & Physiology o Autonomic nervous system controls physiolcial • Arousal & Performance o Performance peaks at lower levels of arousal for…...
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Psyc Notes for 4-3-07 - Psychology Notes for 15:03:00 ←...

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