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Jason Sigal 4/15/07 Lab write up for lab 12 Everyone knows that adapting to the college environment can be a stressful situation, for any young adult entering this stage in his or her life. So what can college freshmen do to easily cope with stress in college? Actually, there are many things they can do. A study titled “Freshmen adaptation to University Life: Depressive Symptoms, Stress, and Coping” tested different factors and how much they relieved this common stress. One major influence of experienced stress depended on the students’ relationships with their families.
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Unformatted text preview: Things considered were whether students lived with our without their parents, if they talked to their fathers on a daily basis, and if their parents gave them money to pay for their expenses on a regular basis. So while its obvious that coping with the stresses of entering college arent easy, they can be made easier with close family relationships. Source: Freshmen Adaptation to University Life: Depressive Symptoms, Stress, and Coping . (
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