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Jason Sigal Psych Lab – M: 5-6:50 Written Assignment for lab 8 According to information found on, Sleep narcolepsy is a rare sleeping disorder, in which only approximately 0.03% of the general population suffers from. These people have a tendency to fall asleep at anytime. They can be driving, working, or even talking. Their sleep “attacks” can last anywhere from 30 seconds to a half hour. Furthermore, these attacks aren’t related to how much sleep have gotten the night before. They can strike at any time, no matter how much one may have. Onset of narcolepsy tends to occur during ones teenage years, however it can occur at anytime in one’s life. Both hereditary and environmental factors are known to cause someone to develop this rare sleeping disorder. Because of the symptoms associated with it, narcolepsy is often times not diagnosed until years after development, or misdiagnosed for another sleeping disorder.
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Unformatted text preview: Classic symptoms include excessive sleeping during the daytime hours, sudden and brief periods of muscle weakness, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations. At the present time, no cure for narcolepsy is currently available. However, behavioral and medical treatments can be used to control the symptoms. Anti-depressant medications can be used too relieve REM-sleep symptoms. Its also important for one who has been diagnosed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and if necessary, make some basic lifestyle changes. It is important however be properly diagnosed, and to begin treatment as soon as being diagnosed. If not, one may be affected by a variety of different difficulties. However if properly cared for, living with Narcolepsy can still result in living a near-normal lifestyle! All information about narcolepsy obtained from
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