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Lecture-20 Examples Solutions Sample Problem-1 HW-20-5. (HRW 16-91) Two waves are described by and where y 1 , y 2 , and x are in meters and t is in seconds. When these two waves are combined, a traveling wave is produced. What are the (a) amplitude, (b) wave speed, and (c) wavelength of that traveling wave? Solution: 91. Using Eq. 16-50 and splitting the phase difference between the two waves, we have () ' 0.60cos sin 5 200 6 y xt π ⎡⎤ π ⎢⎥ ⎣⎦ with length in meters and time in seconds (see Eq. 16-55 for comparison). (a) The amplitude is seen to be 0.60cos 0.3 3 0.52m. 6 π == (b) Since k = 5 π and ω = 200 π , then (using Eq. 16-12) 40m/s. v k (c) k = 2 π / λ leads to = 0.40 m.
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