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1 Figure 16-50 Lecture-19 Examples Solutions Sample Problem-1 HRW 32-42 A sample of the paramagnetic salt to which the magnetization curve of Fig. 32-14 applies is held at room temperature (300 K). At what applied magnetic field will the degree of magnetic saturation of the sample be (a) 50% and (b) 90%? (c) Are these fields attainable in the laboratory? Figure 32-14 Solution: 42. (a) From Fig. 32-14 we estimate a slope of B / T = 0.50 T/K when M / M max = 50%. So B = 0.50 T = (0.50 T/K)(300 K) = 1.5×10 2 T. (b) Similarly, now B / T 2 so B = (2)(300) = 6.0×10 2 T. (c) Except for very short times and in very small volumes, these values are not attainable in the lab. Sample Problem-2 HRW 16-82 Body armor . A high- speed projectile is stopped by modern body armor by quickly spreading the projectile’s energy over an armor’s large area. This spreading is done by longitudinal and transverse pulses that move radially from the impact point. One such radial fiber is shown in Fig. 16-50 a . Part of the projectile’s energy goes into this motion and stretching. As the
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Lecture-19Examples-03-20-08 - Lecture-19 Examples Solutions...

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