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Accounting: What the Numbers Mean

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Mr. Larry C. McCabe Professor of Accounting Lehigh University Mr. McCabe earned his MBA from Southern Illinois University and a BA in Accounting and Economics from Muhlenberg College. He joined the faculty at Lehigh in the summer 2007. He also taught as a Visiting Lecturer at Muhlenberg College and Penn State University (2002 – 2007). Mr. McCabe has instructed courses in Financial and Economic Analysis and Management for the International Institute of Education in Cairo and Aswan, Egypt (1995 and 1997). .. Prior to 2002, Mr. McCabe was Director – Corporate Accounting for a Fortune 500 Company with $20 billion in assets. Areas of responsibility included; External and Internal Financial Reporting, Consolidations and Subsidiary Accounting, Accounting for Derivatives, Pension and Benefits Accounting, General Ledger, Regulatory Accounting, Customer Accounting and Accounts Payables. Mr. McCabe has extensive knowledge and experience in major securities
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Unformatted text preview: offerings and merger/acquisition activities for this corporation. He directed the preparation of registration statements and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as other reports to stockholders, security analysts, Wall Street, regulatory agencies, board of directors and management. Mr. McCabe served as Chairman for several organizations in the electric utility industry in the areas of corporate accounting and statistical committees. Mr. McCabe is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Pennsylvania and has varied auditing experience with a Big Four CPA firm including: oil and gas, real estate investments, government contractors, food industry, investment brokers, banks, non-profits manufacturing and small businesses. Mr. McCabe brings a wide range of professional and management skills and experience to the University. He teaches courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level for Lehigh University....
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