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quiz05s - ECEN 2250 Circuits/Electronim 1 Fall 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: ECEN 2250 Circuits/Electronim 1 Fall 2007 III-17,07 P. Mathys NAME‘ Sewn \mJ Quiz 5 (Cl-need book, closed notes) 1) Carefully redraw and label the circuit helm, xeplacing all txm‘w tons by their linear native mode model. One transistor in the circuit is obviously dmwn wrong. Identify this umsimx. For your oonw fiin mm the lines! utlve mode model (or t NPN tnnsismr is shown on the tight. Th2 wrmponding model for PNP musistom is the same exam that all polaricia are reversed. is H was ©2001 2907, n mum an uvl'svd: 10-11-07, mu. ...
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