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ps01 - without changing the number of elements or the...

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ECEN 2250 Circuits/Electronics 1 Fall 2007 8-29-07 P. Mathys Problem Set 1 (Solutions are due Wed. 9-05-07) 1) Problem 1-18 in the book. 2) Problem 1-26 in the book. 3) The same electrical circuit can be drawn in many different ways. Two of the three circuits shown below have the same topology, i.e., they can be redrawn to look exactly the same,
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Unformatted text preview: without changing the number of elements or the connections between the elements. Identify the two identical circuits and specify which elements in the first circuit correspond to which elements in the second circuit. 4) Problem 2-7 in the book. c ± 2001–2007, P. Mathys. Last revised: 8-28-07, PM. 1...
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