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ECEN 2250 Circuits/Electronics 1 Fall 2007 10-03-07 P. Mathys Recitation Problem Set 6 (For Tue. 10-09-07 recitation session) 1) Problem 4-13 in the book. 2) Determine the lookback resistance R S , the open circuit voltage v oc , and the short circuit current i sc at the output terminals of the following source circuit. Hint: Remember that only independent sources can be turned off to make use of superposition and to determine R S by “looking back” into the circuit. + - ± R 1 R 2 R 3 v S gv O - v O + i O 3) Problem 4-16 in the book. 4) The following figure shows a NPN transistor in a configuration that is called
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Unformatted text preview: common base circuit (since the base is connected to ground). Determine the open circuit output voltage ( v O at i O = 0), the input resistance R in seen by the voltage source v S , and the output resistance R out (lookback resistance) seen by a load connected to the output v O . Assume that the transistor is in active mode with fixed β = i C /i B and fixed base-emitter voltage v BE . +-• ◦ ◦ R E R C v S Q 1 + V cc-v O + i O → c ± 2001–2007, P. Mathys. Last revised: 10-04-07, PM. 1...
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