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ECEN 2250 Circuits/Electronics 1 Fall 2007 11-14-07 P. Mathys Recitation Problem Set 12 (For Tue. 11-27-07 recitation session) 1) Problem 7-2 in the book. 2) Problem 7-14 in the book. 3) Determine the differential equation for i ( t ) in the circuit below. Draw a blockdiagram with output i ( t ) that represents the operation of this circuit, using only adders, multiplications
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Unformatted text preview: by a constant and integrators. Show the initial condition I = i (0) as an explicit integrator input. Find i ( t ) for t > 0 analytically, assuming I 6 = 0. i ( t ) R 1 R 2 L i ( t ) 4) Problem 7-26 in the book. c 20012007, P. Mathys. Last revised: 11-16-07, PM. 1...
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