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Hennessey 1 English 105 Lavinia Hirsu 5 October 2005 Austin Hennessey Image Analysis What makes a man a man? Men are influential people and have been since the beginning of time. They have discovered many new things like electricity and changed today’s world by all the new technology created. From being the President of the United States to sports, men have been a very dominant figure. This is all because men in the present day U.S. are stronger, tougher, smarter, and more invincible than ever before. The image of Tiger Woods, “Wear What Makes Tiger, Tiger”, was taken from is an online business designed for golfers, where you can purchase golf attire, equipment, and many other things made by Nike. The image of Tiger Woods is aimed at anything and anyone involved with the world of golf. Referring to the image, one can see that Tiger is wearing Nike clothing. Nike catches and reels in its audience by having Tiger Woods in all of their ads. In many of the Nike golf ads, Tiger seems very intimidating and invincible. So by having the best golfer in the world in your ads, who wouldn’t wear Nike? From looking at the image, Tiger shows a sort of powerful and dominating trait by his physical appearance looking serious and having his arms folded. By having his arms folded, you can assume that he is a pretty tough guy. The prominent element that can be seen; however, is the type of power he exhibits. The first thing that I noticed when looking at the image, was how massive and strong his arms seemed to appear. Also
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Hennessey 2 when looking at the image, the seriousness of Tiger looking off at something in the distance with his chin slightly upward, contributes greatly to the fact that men are stronger today. The slogan’s purpose is to get the audience to buy Nike golf clothing because
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Image Anaylsis - Hennessey 1 English 105 Lavinia Hirsu 5...

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