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Assignment Week 5 - Music 412 Music in the Renaissance 1...

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Music 412 Music in the Renaissance 1 WEEK 5 Tuesday, 19 February. 15th-Century Instrumental Music Reading: • Strohm, Reinhard. “Instrumental Ensemble Music” and “Keyboard Music.” Pp. 357–74 of The Rise of European Music, 1380–1500. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993. {ML240.2 S87 1993} Listening (We’ll listen to nos. 1–2 in class; no. 3 is available at Learn @UW): • Anon. Three Keyboard Compositions from the Buxheim Organ Book (c.1455–70). 1. Redeuntes in mi. 2:26 mins. 2. Praeambulum super mi.
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