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Assignment Week 8 - Ch 13(pp 341–60 of The Renaissance ed...

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Music 412 Music in the Renaissance Spring 2008 WEEK 8 Tuesday, 11 March. Heinrich Isaac’s Choralis Constantinus, Chant Paraphrase, and Settings of the Mass Proper Listening: •Heinrich Isaac (c.1450–1517). Introit for the Commune Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis, [Salve] Sancta parens. 4:28 mins. source: Munich, Bavarian State Library, Mus. Ms. 31 (c.1510). edition: M. Just, ed. Das Chorwerk 119 (1973): 23. {M2 C6325/119} record: Hilliard Ens. & Kees Boeke Consort. EMI CDM 7 63063 2. {not in Mills} Thursday, 13 March. Spanish and Italian Secular Song at the Turn of the Century Reading: • Prizer, William. “Isabella d’Este and Lucrezia Borgia as Patrons of Music: The Frottola at Mantua and Ferrara.” Journal of the American Musicological Society 38 (1985): 1–33. • Knighton, Tess. “The Spanish Court of Ferdinand and Isabella.”
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 13 (pp. 341–60) of The Renaissance, ed. Iain Fenlon. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1989. {ML172 R44 1989} Listening: •Marchetto Cara (c.1470–1525?). Frottola, Mal un muta per effecto. 3:08 mins. source: Frottole, libro septimo (Venice: Petrucci, 1507). edition: W. Prizer. Courtly Pastimes (1980): 401. {ML410 C326 P7 1980} record: Circa 1500. Renaissance Music from the Courts of Mantua and Ferrara. Chandos [CD] 0524.{CD 2699} • Juan del Encina (1468–1529/30). Villancico, Una sañosa porfia. 4:39 mins. source: Cancionero de Palacio (1505–20). edition: H. Anglés, ed. Monumentos de la Musica Espagñola 5 (1947): 151. {M2 A498/2} record: Margaret Philpot et al. From a Spanish Palace Songbook. Hyperion CDA66454. {CD 5250} Spring Recess, 15–23 March...
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