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Music 412 Music in the Renaissance Spring 2008 WEEK 10 Tuesday, 1 April. National Song Styles 1520–1550: “Parisian” Chanson, Madrigal, and Lied Reading: • Carter, Tim. “The Early Madrigal.” Ch. 6 (pp. 86–100) of Music in Late Renaissance and Early Baroque Italy. London: B.T. Batsford, 1992. {ML290.2 C22 1992} Listening: • Claudin de Sermisy (c.1490–1562). Chanson, Tant que vivray. 2:18 mins. source: Chansons nouvelles en musique, à quatre parties (Paris: Attaingnant, 1528). edition: Allaire & Cazeaux, eds. Opera omnia 4 (1974): 99. {M3 S47/4} record: Ens. Clément Janequin. Fricassée Parisienne. Harm. mundi, France [CD] HMC 901174. {CD 66} • Jacques Arcadelt (1505?–1568). Madrigal, O felic’occhi miei. 2:02 mins. source: Il primo libro de Madrigali (1538/39). edition: A. Seay, ed. Opera omnia 2 (1970): 82. {M3 A72/2} record: Consort of Musicke. Jacobus Arcadelt: Madrigali. Deutsche harm. mundi [CD] 77162–2–RC. {CD 2696}
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