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Music 412 Music in the Renaissance Spring 2008 WEEK 1 Tuesday, 22 January. Introduction Thursday, 24 January. “Renaissance” as Term and Music-Historical Period Reading (choose two of the following): • O’Regan, Noel. “Histories of Renaissance Music for a New Century.” Music and Letters 82 (2001): 268–81. {ML5 M639} • Owens, Jessie Ann. “Music Historiography and the Definition of ‘Renaissance’.” Notes 47 (1990): 305–30. {ML1 M828} • Strohm, Reinhard. “Introduction [pp.1–10].” The Rise of European Music, 1380–1500. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993. {ML240.2 S87 1993} Listening and Analysis (see worksheet): • John Dunstable (c.1390–1453/59?). Motet, Veni Sancte Spiritus / Veni Creator . 6:08 mins. source: British Museum, Add. 57950, Old Hall MS (1415–20) {Microfilm 277]; Modena, Bibl. Estense, α .X.1.11, “ModB” (c.1448) {Microfilm 324}. edition: Bukofzer/Bent, ed. Musica Britannica 8 (1953/1970): 88. {M2 M638/8 1970} record: Orlando Consort,
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