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Chapter 2 - given locus Phenotype – The observable...

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Justin Fitzgerald 5/11/2009 Anthropology 2301 J. Phillips Chapter 2 DNA - The molecule that provides the genetic code for biological structures and the means to translate this code Chromosomes - A long strand of DNA sequences Genes -A DNA sequence that code for a functional polypeptide or RNA product Mutations – A mechanism for evolutionary change resulting from a random change in genetic code; the ultimate source of all genetic variation Genotype - The genetic endowment of an individual from the two alleles present at a
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Unformatted text preview: given locus Phenotype – The observable appearance of a given genotype in the organism Rates – Specific mutations are relatively rare events, although the exact rate of mutations is difficult to determine in many cases. Determining the rate of mutations is the fact that several different base sequences. Types of mutations – There are various ways mutation can occur. Mutation can involve deletion or addition of a base or a large section of DNA....
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