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Justin Fitzgerald 5/13/2009 Period- Tue-Thurs; 12:30-2:00 Chapter 4 1. Define: a. Species- A group of populations whose members can interbreed naturally and producer fertile offspring. b. Speciation-The origin of a new species. c. Adaptive radiation- The formation of many new species following the availability of new environments or the developments of a new adaptation. 2. Discuss some of the misconceptions about evolution: a. About the nature of natural selection- A common misconception id that natural selection will always lead to larger structure. Another
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Unformatted text preview: misconceptions: Newer is Better, or Natural Selection Always Work, and There Is and Inevitable Direction in Evolution, which was popular in the 19 th century. b. About the structure and function of evolution- Misconceptions about evolution focus on the relationship between biological structures and their adaptive (or non adaptive) structures. One misconception is that Natural Selection Always Produces Perfect Structures. Wit a closer examination, there shows that biological structures are often far from structures....
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