Chapter 1 Review

Chapter 1 Review - Chapter 1 1 List five characteristics...

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Chapter 1 1. List five characteristics that all living things have in common. 2. 3. Describe the hierarchy of organization of life. 4. 5. What are the two main categories of cells and how are they different? Discuss Cell Theory. Who first observed cells? 6. 7. Define metabolism, anabolism, catabolism. 8. 9. List and describe five main biological themes. What does unity in diversity mean? 10. 11. Define taxonomy ; name the three domains of life. Describe the current Kingdoms into which organisms may be grouped. 12. 13. Who were Darwin and Wallace? Describe evolutionary theory. 14. 15. Discuss the scientific method. 16. 17. List general taxonomic categories starting with Kingdom. 18. 19. How many species have been identified? 20. 21. In the fossil record, the oldest cells are determined to be how old? 22. What kind of cells are they? Chapter 2 1. How does atomic number differ from atomic mass? 2. Name three subatomic particles and describe how they make up the structure of an atom. 3. Which elements comprise 96% of living matter? 4. Name a trace element and describe its importance to health.
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5. What are isotopes and why are they important? 6. When atoms join together, the next higher order structure is called a ?
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Chapter 1 Review - Chapter 1 1 List five characteristics...

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