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Unformatted text preview: Before You Study By Heather, Elyse, Kendra, and Melissa 1. Create a positive affirmation about studying. If you hold negative beliefs about studying, this will sabotage your success. Create a positive statement such as, "I love to learn new things." Continue to repeat this affirmation to make new choices about studying. 2. Create an ideal study space. Having one comfortable place to study has many advantages. - Study materials are close by. - Not distracted by familiar sights and sounds. - Mind becomes accustomed to shifting into study mode whenever you enter this room. #2 (continued) You should design your area so that you will enjoy being there. - Comfortable chair - Plenty of light - Ample room to spread out materials. - Space to store books/supplies. Personalize your study area to make it more inviting. - display pictures of family & friends. 3. Make a list of important assignments. Next Actions list pg. 99 Put most urgent assignments on top. Check off each completed item on your list before going on to the next one. Allows you to use study time effectively. 4. Study challenging subjects first. Study harder subjects while your mind is still alert and open to receiving new information. Then move on to easier subjects. 5. Arrange to be undisturbed. Do what is necessary to minimize disruptions. Tell friends and family not to contact you during designated study hours. Do-not-disturb sign on door. Let calls go to voicemail. Study somewhere where not a lot of people have access to you, such as the library. 6. Tell yourself, "I will remember what I'm about to study." This can increase your ability to recall the information later on. 7. Do a data dump. Write down everything you already know about the subject. This gets your brain thinking about the subject. - mental equivalent to warming up before playing a sport. 8. Form a study group. Studying with other Creators can help improve your study efficiency. ...
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