Homework Assignment 4

Homework Assignment 4 - Dr. Leisha Mullins BIOCHEMISTRY...

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Dr. Leisha Mullins BIOCHEMISTRY 411/602 Spring 08 Homework Assignment 4 Print Name: ________________ Sign Name: ______________ BIOCHEMISTRY 411/602 Homework Assignment 4 10 points Due: Tuesday February 11,2008 PLEASE MAKE A COPY FOR YOURSELF NEATNESS COUNTS. IF I CAN NOT READ YOUR HANDWRITTING, I WILL NOT GRADE IT MAKE SURE YOU STAPLE ALL PAGES!! USE THIS SHEET AS A COVER SHEET. I.E. DO NOT WRITE YOUF ANSWERS HERE!!!! 1 (2 pts). Write the balanced equation for the formation of glycogen from lactose. Please give the names of the metabolites and enzymes. You do not need to draw structures. The common reactions : UDPG pyrophosphorylase: Glucose 1 phosphate + UTP UDP-glucose + PPi inorganic Pyrophosphatase: PPi + H2O 2 Pi Glycogen synthase: UDP-glucose + glycogen n glycogen (n + 1) + UDP Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase: UDP + ATP UTP + ADP SUM: Glucose 1 phosphate + ATP + glycogen n + H2O glycogen (n + 1) + ADP + 2 Pi LACTOSE: Lactase or β -glactosidase: Lactose + H2O Galactose + Glucose Hexokinase: Glucose + ATP Glucose 6 P + ADP Phosphoglucomutase : Glucose 6 P Glucose 1 P Galactokinase: Galactose+ ATP Galactose 1 P + ADP Galactose 1P Uridylyl Transferase: Galactose 1 P + UDP glucose UDP Galactose + Glucose 1 P UDPGlucose epimerase: UDP Galactose UDP-Glucose Sum: 1 Lactose + H2O + 2 ATP 2 Glucose 1 P + 2 ADP Combine with the common reactions to give: Lactose + H20 + 2 ATP
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course BICH 411 taught by Professor Mullins during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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Homework Assignment 4 - Dr. Leisha Mullins BIOCHEMISTRY...

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