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govt outlines - GOVT ESSAY OUTLINES ESSAY 1 War powers...

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GOVT ESSAY OUTLINES: ESSAY 1: War powers resolution has been largely forgotten due to the Presidents claims of certain inherent powers. a. what is the purpose of the War Powers Resolution of 1973? Why did Congress think it necessary too pass such a resolution when it already had constitutionally mandated power to declare war? According to Article II of the Constitution, the president has expressed powers, which are specific powers granted in Section 8, and has delegated powers, which are powers given to him by congress. Presidents claimed a third source of power beyond these, known as inherent powers, which are not expressed in the constitution but are inferred by it. Stem from “the rights, duties, and obligations of the presidency.” One of the president’s expressed powers is that of the MILITARY. Commander in chief of army and navy Although constitutionally, congress has the power to declare war, this power was somehow captured by the president. Congress has not declared war since 1941. Starting with Truman who sent American forces to Korea without a congressional declaration. Also in Vietnam, Afghanistan, iraq, etc. In 1973, congress passed the WAR POWERS RESOLUTION: saying that the president needs congress authorization before sending troops into action. 1. Resolution is ignored by presidents, claiming “inherent executive power to defend the nation. Clear separation of powers tension btw pres. and congress over policy related to war making. b. What are some inherent powers claimed by presidents? c. Discuss 2 examples of how foreign and international affairs have enabled presidents to shift the balance of power from a legislative to executive arena. d. Why does congress accept the expansion of presidential powers during emergencies? Although under the const, it is congress’ power to make laws and declare war, congress contributed to its own demise by delegating these powers to the executive branch. These are the inherent powers of pres. for security and stability, and for the protection of the nation 2 examples of foreign affairs that enabled the pres to shift the balance from a leg to executive arena are: 1. when Clinton ordered a massive bombing against Serbian forces in former Yugoslavia without congressional authorization. 2. when bush organized major military campaign to overthrow Taliban in Afghanistan 3. when g.w.bush ordered US forces to overthrow govt of Iraq’s saddam Hussein and occupied the country. Congress accepts the expansion of presidential powers during emergencies bc during times of war and conflict, there is a need of a quick and decisive response, which undermines the effectiveness of the WPR.
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Congress is also insecure, and wants the president to make all the important decisions while there still being oversight and providing funds. ESSAY 2: Explain differences btw north and south American conquest. Identify,
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govt outlines - GOVT ESSAY OUTLINES ESSAY 1 War powers...

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