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Week 2: lecture 1 I. social transitions to adulthood are unclear; ages 18-21 undefined II. most of history of adolescents is about males, or well-to-do white females a. g Stanley hall: underneath all the passivity, there is the raging seething turmoil caused by biology III. stein & reiser: study on how boys’ education, their interaction with peers, and relations with family influence their experience with the semenarche- first ejaculation. a. Retrospective study- camp counselors recalling their experience, not reporting what is currently happening. b. Used questionnaire and interview; found discrepancy btw the two. c. Findings: most boys reported surprise at their first ejaculation, half of the boys were confused, some felt happy. All the boys had taken a health ed class, but a quarter reported that the frst ejaculation was not discussed. It it was, it was around 8 th grade, after most boys had already experienced it. Most told no one when it happened. IV. Case: being comfortable with who I am: a. Illustrates different perspectives: betsy had a lot of stress from moving and changing cultures, shes unhappy bc she cant go to florida (parents wont let her), loses faith in parents bc they changed their minds. Stressed that she has to tell her friends she cant go. Fits hall’s “storm and stress” theory in terms of disagreements, but you don’t see the inevitable biological model. b. Modified storm and stress theory states that there is storm and stress but it is not necessarily biological or inevitable. However, conflict with parents, mood disruptions, and risk behavior are associated with it. Betsy’s case is a good example of this theory. Lecture 2: I. physical changes in adolescents a. development in primary sex characteristics in adol i. hormones- endocrine system ii. hypothalamus- part of the brain that controls pituitary gland iii. pituitary gland- controls hormones iv. gonads- releases hormones b. in adol, there is a huge growth spurt, they are growing as fast as a toddler. Only in infancy is growth faster. i. Grls start growth spurt at 10.5, hips broaden. Boys start at 12.5 and go until 14.5- shoulders broaden. Overall growth stops at 16 and grls stop at 17. but there are boys who still grow in college. c. There is a synchronicity in growth, diff parts of body grow at diff times i. Growth spurt starts with extremities: head, hands, feet ii. Next are arms and legs iii. Finally, torso and shoulders iv. Bc of this, many adol are akward
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d. Boys develop larger hearts and lungs e. “tanner stages”- development of secondary sex characteristics like breasts and hair Week 3: lecture 1 I. joan brumberg’s body project- girls biological development is ahead of their cognitive development. Physical development is happening sooner, but cognitive and emotional is not keeping up to help grls deal with the experience and difficult situations that arise.
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hd216 take note - Week 2 lecture 1 I social transitions to...

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