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hd 362 takenote

hd 362 takenote - HD 362 TAKE NOTE WEEK 1 I Early...

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HD 362 TAKE NOTE WEEK 1: I. Early Relationships • Necessary for survival • Have lasting affects • Similar to adult relationships in terms of function and behavior • Oxytocin is known as the “cuddle chemical” and it stimulates milk let-down in lactating women and promotes bonding btw mother and child. (more strongly released at the height of sexual climax in adults) • Baby talk happens in adult relationships too II. Attraction • A woman’s menstrual cycle can influence her mate preference • If in follicular phase of their cycle (when most likely to get pregnant) they prefer men with more masculine features • If in the luteal phase of their period (pregnancy unlikely) prefer men with more feminine features III. History of Relationship Science • Ovid- “Art of Love”- (8 AD) to have a girl fall in love with you ,take her to a gladiator match. Bc if you are infatuated with someone , you will experience excitement and increased heart rate, so if you bring someone to a heightened level of arousal can make it seem as tho you are causing those feelings. • Sappho (630 BC) – “love sickness” as a medical condition with symptoms like heart palpitations and pupil dilation. Trends: Women produce 1 egg a month, while men produce 500 mil sperm per day, so cost of having sex for men is less, and they are willing to have sex with more people. Clark and hatfield did study of how men and women respond when asked to go on a date, go back to apt, and go to have sex. RESULTS: men are more promiscuous MHC- Major histocompatibility complex- co-dominant set of alleles (one from mom , one from dad) that contributed to disease and pathogen resistance, so different is better, o Female mice chose mates to have diff MHC alleles. o WEDEKIND et al- T-shirt study- men wore t-shirts for 2 days with no sex, smoking, cologne, etc, and women (all in menstrual phase that’s most likely to get pregnant) had to pick which shirt they liked most. RESULTS: depended on birth control. Women not on birth control picked shirts with diff MHC than their own, and opp for women on birth control. Why? Birth control tricks body into thinking its pregnant so women on BC want to be around ppl who they know will take care of them, who would most likely have similar MHC alleles. o JACOBS et al- replicated this study except similar women with similar backgrounds, random menstrual phases, and no bc, but men all diff races.
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These women preferred men with similar MHC as their own (based solely on allele from father) o Show that you want to reproduce with someone who will give your offspring enough pathogen resistance, but enough similarity in MHC to create the overlap needed. ATTACHMENT THEORY!!!
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hd 362 takenote - HD 362 TAKE NOTE WEEK 1 I Early...

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