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PAM readings notes - Analyst should gather information...

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Analyst should gather information about: o Actors o Motivations o Beliefs o Resources o Sites o Exchanges Our problem is not that we don’t know anything, it’s how we should use what we know Trend in U.S.: Bias against change Dyadic studies: behavior of an individual decision maker is correlated with some kind of measure of public preference in his or her constituency o Tell us little about the extent of correspondence of mass opinion with actual policy Collective analysis: Use actual policy decisions in comparison to measures of opinion for an entire political system or subsystem Decline in consistency between public opinion and public policy since 1980 o More research Three times more issues per year More obscure suggestions More dissonance o Changes in govt, partisanship ELDERLY DRIVERS Policy problem: Would additional license renewal testing for elderly drivers be effective in reducing crash rates? Analyst’s problem: To determine whether license renewal testing for drivers past a certain age would be an effective method of reducing the rate of crashes and fatalities involving elderly drivers. Determine alternative methods to curtail elderly driver accidents. Consider effects on elderly drivers and their families, other drivers and pedestrians on the road, and DMVs. Weigh the costs and benefits of implementing such a policy. Determine possible externalities, and offsetting behaviors involving the reduction of driving undertaken by the elderly. Research similar programs implemented in other states. Opposition: Elderly drivers and AARP; Shift issue: Instead the policy focus is on alternative ways of enabling people to drive longer safer Two groups of actors o Expander: seeks to publicize the issue to different groups in the population in the hopes of energizing them to become involved; issue innovators; support an issue they want to get on the formal agenda; content of issue adversely effects others o Containers: restrict/prevent expanders from gaining agenda access; want no action to be taken Problem Definition: different ways that issue resonates with the mass public o Incidence-expander must show someone is harmed w/support; container provides contradictory evidence
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PAM readings notes - Analyst should gather information...

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