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English Paper #1 - Heather Foley Clint Burhans ENG 101-12PM...

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Heather Foley Clint Burhans ENG 101-12PM September 21 st , 2007 “First Is Not Always the Best” Rachel Weisel’s essay “First and Foremost” is all about the responsibilities of having grown up being the oldest of four children and the responsibilities that come along with that role. Weisel has to take on a lot of responsibilities by being the first born. She feels that she must set a good example for her siblings in order to fulfill her role as being first, which is often described as being the ‘best’ or the ‘winner.’ In order to set a good example, Weisel allows herself to have no fun. Instead, she spends her time cooped up in her room making sure that she’s getting straight A’s so that she’ll look better to her brothers and sisters. Although a lot of people perceive the older sibling as the role model, the one who should set all the good examples, this may not always be the case. My sister is my role model but in the exact opposite way. By not following her examples and making my own decisions, I am who I am today. She has influenced my life in so many ways, even by messing up her own life at times. Being the oldest doesn’t always mean having to be the best. Being born first in the family allows a person to experience everything first. For Weisel this meant being able to date first, being able to drive first, being able to go to a school dance first, etc. The middle or last child in the family has to continuously sit out on these events until it is their turn. Being the first born is kind of like a ‘science experiment’ for parents. Parents can use the trial and error method to see what works best for a child’s developmental patterns. As
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English Paper #1 - Heather Foley Clint Burhans ENG 101-12PM...

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